Shrewsbury has been involved in the national festival right from the very start when a small group went to Manchester to deliver a presentation at the first festival in 2015 - see here for more: 2015 Festival

The organisers liked what they saw and invited us to be a hub - one of only 6 locations in 2016 with the others being: Manchester, York, London, Bristol, Newcastle Upon Tyne. We raised some money through a Crowdfunding campaign and ran a fantastic weekend of activity - see here for more: 2016 Festival

We couldn't resist doing it again in 2017, another Crowdfunder less was raised :-( and a bigger programme, again really well received and this time we were one of many more hubs - see here for more: 2017 Festival

This is all done voluntarily and our funding application to HLF required a ridiculous amount of unpaid development work which we just could not do and so 2018 sees a different - and very welcome model. We think the changed format will really grab the imagination and provide something very special once more.