February-March 2021  LGBT+ History Festival

All events are free to attend, donations welcome

  • Wed, Mar 03
    Zoom live
    7pm Regional Officer @DiversityRM, Director at Wipe Out Transphobia and Rock Musician, Kate returns to Shrewsbury LGBT+ History Festival
  • Fri, Mar 05
    Online screening
    7pm Personal stories unwind against a social and political backdrop of, and in the context of, early Gay Pride marches and other activism
  • Sat, Mar 06
    Recorded performance from 1827
    3pm A very unusual and expensive choice of partner for the 2nd Baron Berwick of Attingham, Shropshire: Thomas Noel-Hill. Was that choice a ruse to deflect rumours about Hill’s sexuality? Peter Roscoe explores ...
  • Sun, Mar 07
    Online event with live zoom Q & A
    3pm As the LGBT+ community in Eswatini starts the long and difficult journey to get rid of the laws that make them criminals, listen to their voices, and help make them heard around the world. Donations to ALL OUT/Eswatini SGM
  • Sun, Mar 07
    Online streaming
    7pm Reel in the Closet is a documentary that reveals the lives of LGBTQ people from the past through moments from hundreds of never before seen home movies dating back to the 1930s.
  • Mon, Mar 08
    Online event
    7pm Join publisher Helen Sandler (Tollington Press) in conversation with Jane Traies, and hear from members of the Lesbian Immigration Support Group about their experiences.
  • Wed, Mar 10
    Recorded event
    Dr Ju Gosling FRSA invites you to her home studio to listen to some poems and find out more about Disabled LGBTQI+ people and the impact of Covid-19.
  • Thu, Mar 11
    Recorded presentation (Live Q & A tbc)
    7pm By day he made men’s suits, by night he made ball gowns for his ‘homosexual’ friends.... a local-history story, about hidden lives, very private resistance and family denial
  • Fri, Mar 12
    Online screening
    6pm - BONUS EVENT - Jacky Logan - A Short Personal History of Same-Sex Dance 7pm An intimate account of a captivating, little-known phenomenon: same-sex competitive ballroom dance, a world where expressions of personal passion become a political statement.
  • Sat, Mar 13
    Zoom Live
    3pm Suleika never quite became famous; she was more of an “also-act”, performing with some of the big names, but never quite in the limelight herself...
  • Sat, Mar 13
    Zoom - of course
    5pm - Join us for our celebration of the 2021 Shrewsbury LGBT History Festival as we look back on 5 weeks of stories, workshops, films, presentations, joy, tears, laughs and more. Bring scones and something fizzy!
  • Sun, Mar 14
    Location is TBD
    Two men coming from different worlds, a relationship that takes them beyond their own limits. Book to receive the link - available until 14 March 2021
  • Time is TBD
    Festival Donation - not an event
    A voluntary donation to support the festival into future years
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Shrewsbury LGBT History was founded in 2015 by invitation from the

National Festival of LGBT History



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